What is plasma?

The addition of energy into matter modifies its atomic structure leading to different states of the matter: Solid, liquid , gas and the often forgotten fourth one: Plasma.

As shown below, the more energy is brought to the matter, the higher the level of disorganization of the matter leading to plasma composed of highly energetic species such as charged particles, ions, and free electrons and radicals.

solid liquid gas plasma

How does APEMCO create a Plasma ?

APEMCO uses a patented Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD) plasma technology under atmospheric pressure in which one of the electrodes is covered with a dielectric barrier material.

high voltage generator

Working at atmospheric pressure means that the system is open and does not require low pressure (or Vacuum) conditions thus facilitating its inline integration.

How is APEMCO technology different ?

APEMCO  patented technology is much more advanced than the largely spread DBD systems known

as Corona plasmas.

Standard Corona Plasma is mainly used for surface activation. APEMCO systems enable many other

possibilities because of its unique features:

  • Injection and control of a range of gases to provide a choice of reactivity levels
  • Injection and control of various precursors in the plasma enabling functionalization of the treated surface
high voltage generator gas prevursors

APEMCO unique technology enables great possibilities...

APEMCO technology can be used with almost any gases (N2, O2, Ar, He, Ammonia mixtures, etc…). APEMCO’s technology enables the use of precursors in various forms such as gases, liquids, a mix of liquids, colloidal suspensions, etc...

This unique combination will provide functionalization with high retention of functional groups as the integrity of the chemical precursors introduced in APEMCO  system is maintained.


Further to the functionalization with high retention of functional groups, APEMCO’s systems enable the creation of plasma co-polymers or blends of plasma-polymers in nano-structured coatings. This opens the capability of exciting fields of research and applications with unlimited structural and functional capabilities.

plasma polymers

APEMCO’s atmospheric plasma technology, enables dedicated chemical functionalization of any substrate (plastics, glass, metal, composites, textile, etc…). Almost any chemical function can be grafted/coated onto a substrate in order to create a desired surface function.

Contrary to Corona treatment, this functionalization is stable in time: treat it today and use it whenever you or your customer needs it.

APEMCO technology offers cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative solutions for a wide variety of surface modification technologies:

  • Liquid or solvent based coatings (wet technologies)
  • Low pressure plasma assisted chemical vapor deposition (PECVD or PACVD)
  • Corona treatments, flame treatments
  • Etc…