APEMCO technology is built on the technology and patents of its key strategic partner

Over the last fifteen years VITO has developed know-hows, technology and intellectual property in the field of atmospheric plasma.

Today VITO is one of the leading research groups in atmospheric plasma with an extensive expertise in dielectric barrier discharge technology for surface and powder treatment as well as for plasma assisted gas conversion.

APEMCO was created to design, engineer, manufacture, maintain and service atmospheric plasma equipment based on the know how and the technology of VITO.


How does APEMCO create a Plasma ?

APEMCO uses a patented Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD) plasma technology under atmospheric pressure wherein one of the two electrodes is covered with a dielectric barrier material.

How is APEMCO technology different ?

APEMCO patented technology is very different than the largely spread DBD systems known as Corona plasmas.

APEMCO unique technology enables great possibilities...

APEMCO technology can be used with almost any gases (N2, O2, Ar, He, …).

machine plasmaSpot


APEMCO is providing with three types of systems with different applications purposes.

PlasmaZone ™

  • Typical 2D applications
  • Made for thin substrates
  • Substrate in the plasma
  • Wide spread of gases
  • Water cooled

PlasmaSpot ™

  • Typical 3D applications
  • Made for complex geometries
  • Substrate in contact with plasma after glow
  • Wide spread of gases
  • Air cooled

PlasmaLine ™

  • Typical 2D applications
  • Made for thick, heavy parts
  • Substrate in contact with plasma after glow
  • Wide spread of gases
  • Air or water cooled
  • From 200 to 1200 mm width